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Welcome Students & Instructors

Welcome Students to the information section on our websight.

The purpose of this area is to allow you to improve your overall knowledge of Isshinryu Karate , and provide to you the information that is needed to prepare for Belt Testing and your further advancement.

Please study the General Information Section First paying close attention to the "Dojo Rules" and each other section as well.

Please remember this area is for "Jeremiah Center Students Only" and shoulld not be shared outside our dojo. All information in its format is the property of Jeremiah Center.

Thank You Sensei Dave......Jeremiah 29:11

Also please give us your feedback and any suggestions to improve this area.

General Information

Kyu Rank Belt Requirements

Belt Testing Sheets

Orange Belt Test

Yellow Belt Test

Green Belt Test

Blue Belt Test soon!!

Brown Belt Test soon!!