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Isshinryu Historical Event

On June 29th 1993 the top leaders of Isshinryu Karate from the I.I.K.A. and the A.O.K.A. organizations gathered in Elkton Maryland to participate in Grand Master's Don Nagle and Harold Long transfer of Organization Leadership Authority.

The pictures below are from a poor quality video tape that I recorded on that day of the event.

Grand Masters's Nagle and Long in conversation.

Grand Master's Nagle and Long signing the transfer documents.

Grandmaster Long reads the documentation to all in attendance.

Left to Right - Toby Cooling, Harold Long, Don Nagle, JC Burris.

Left to Right - Harold Long, Toby Cooling, JC Burris, Don Nagle.

The High Ranking Dans pose for picture.

Sensei Gabbard and Current A.O.K.A. Grand Master Ed McGrath.

A young Tommy True and a young Sensei Gabbard.

Grand Master's Long and Nagel "Double Team" Sensei Gabbard with a

"Straight Punch and "Groin Attack". 

Left to Right - JC Burris, Harold Long, Rick Reynolds, David Gabbard, Don Nagle, Toby Cooling.


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