Martial Arts For The Heart

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Our Dojo Mission Statement

Our goal at MAFTH is to prepare each student for "Real Life".

This is accomplished by exposing them to "Realistic Training Methods" to properly equip them with the necessary mental and physical skills.

These skills are crucial to overcome any challenge that they may face in the real world.

MAFTH Dojo is a "Fighting Dojo' where much time is spent to develop a high level of fighting skill.

Great emphasis is placed on "Self Discovery and Analysis" - "Daily Self Improvement" through "Pushing Beyond Our Known Natural Limits". 

More importantly these developed skills become valuable life tools that the student will apply elsewhere in their own life experiences.

Our focus is to help to develop each student Spiritually, Mentally and Physically, in order for them to meet their full potential in life as they were created to do so by our Lord Jesus Christ.

The "Martial Arts Journey" for each student is a life long commitment as is our "Spiritual Walk".

Our ministry is to uplift the name of Jesus Christ and expose each student to a greater way of life through Him and through the Martial arts.

Our wish is that through our Martial Arts Ministry each life that we come in contact with will be changed forever in Christ.