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I.I.K.A. Ladies Of Isshinryu Workout

The Ladies of Isshin-Ryu Seminar kicked off a great start for the year on January 27th 2007 at the Athens Dojo.!

 Many of the women (young & younger) gathered together Saturday at the Karate Academy in Athens, TN. We had a great time as Ms. Burris lead the way throughout the day. There was some awesome instruction and lots of work going on.


Stephanie Huskey started off with weapons taking everyone through some drills and giving excellent tips and advice. Next, Sandra Strong took off with some kumite techniques and strategy. Sandra’s down to earth tactics and funny illustrations of what-not to do made us all laugh and enjoy learning.


We ended the day with Ms Carol Burris extending her knowledge of Kata and performance attitude. Everything was wrapped up as the women discussed issues that we face together in the world of Martial Arts.


Lots of friends were made as hand shakes and contact information was exchanged and hugs and pictures to all of us old friends of the Isshinryu family.


Discussion is undergoing in making this an annual event in January for all the Ladies of Isshinryu. If you would like more information on this event or would like to cast your comments on women’s values and impact in the world of Martial Arts, please do so.


Thank you to those that attended and made this a wonderful time for everyone. If you missed out, well hopefully there will be another! GO LADIES!!!


Carol Burris Teaching.

The class follows along.

Sandra Strong and Stephanie Husky.

Theresa Barnette, Stephanie Husky, Carol Burris.

Sandra Strong, Julie Gabbard, Lacey Katchmark.

Julie Gabbard, Stephanie Husky, Carol Burris.

The Ladies Of Isshinryu


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