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Youth Tournament 2007

Our students recently competed at the IIKA Youth Tournament and did exceptionally

well capturing over 30 trophies for the day.

Way to go Team !!!

Josh Sweeps The Green Belt Division

The Sea Of Red

Two Happy Winners

Judah Is Promoted to 3rd Kyu

C.C. Is Promoted To 2nd Kyu

Mr Penny Makes Sho-Dan

What A Great Looking Bunch


There were plenty of promotions for the day the most significant was that of 59 year old Tommy Penny.

Tommy has been an exceptional student at the Dojo and we are very proud that you have acheived your goal of BLACK BELT.

Tommy Penny Sho Dan Black Belt


Othes Promoted This Month

CC W - 2nd Kyu Brown

Judah G - 3rd Kyu Brown

Joel L - Blue Belt

Jason S - Green Belt

Caleb J - Green Belt

Josh A - Green Belt

Mike W - Yellow Belt

Megan A - Yellow Belt

Hannah D - Yellow Belt

Chelsea W - Yellow Belt

Savannah A - Yellow Belt

Adriana L - Yellow Belt

Kaylee S - Yellow Belt

Zack A - Orange Belt

Jaylon S - Orange Belt

Aislinn L - Orange Belt

!!! Way to Go Team !!!