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Making A Difference

Making a difference in the lives of my students was not at the forefront of my motivation when I began teaching over 30 years ago. I just wanted to teach good Karate and get my point across as I saw it from my own experiences. Sure I understood the positive benefits that could be gained by working out regularly but I don't think I really understood the total picture or the life changing impact that martial arts can have for a student.

When I began in Isshinryu in 1975 it was a huge sacrifice for my Mother to shell out the $25.00 monthly tuition for me to attend classes. We struggled to buy food let alone to pay for something that was not absolutely necessary for daily life. But my Mom knew that discipline and respect for others was something that I was lacking in and totaly in need of. She unselfishly SOWED into my life the support that I needed so that I could advance in the Martial Arts.

Looking back I can now see how that the sacrifices and the sowing that she made for me is now being reaped in my life, and in the lives of those that I have as students. Who would have thought anything like the present would be a realitiy 30 years ago? Not me!! Watching the students make progress on a month to month basis is really amazing. Seeing them grow through all the struggles and overcoming their individual challenges makes me realize more than ever that making a difference in their lives is what counts most.

This year as I reflect on the accomplishments that each of my students have made I realize that some day they too will have influence on many other people as they continue to teach Isshinryu Karate in their own lives. Those people will be blessed by the sowing that is currently taking place in the lives of our students. To have the ability to make a difference in someone life in a positive way is one of the most important things a Sensei or Parent can do.

Parents please remember, all the little things that you do or don't do for your children will be shown in their life at some point of time. Support them in their endeavors, you never know where their paths will lead or how great an influence that they will be for someone else. Make a differnce SOW GOOD SEED. Its worth it!!!!

Gods Principal Of Sowing And Reaping Is Forever Truth

Sensei David Gabbard

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