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2006 MAFTH Awards Banquet

On December 7th we gathered for our second annual "Year End Celebration and Awards Banquet" held at the Western Sizzlin in Tullahoma Tennessee.

Participation was outstanding with well over 85 attending the event. This special time is used to reflect on the years accomplishments and to recognize each student for their contributions in making our Dojo the best Dojo in the world.

In November we distribute nomination forms to each student and allow them to cast their vote for the student that is their choice in many different categories showcasing different martial arts skills and strengths.

This year the evening started with asking Gods blessing on our time together and for the meal we were blessed to have.

We then watched a DVD showing all of the 2006 moments of Class Time, Tournaments and Other Gatherings.

Next was the Awards Ceramony and Rank Promotions.

Julie and I want to thank all the Family's and Parents for their AWESOME support of their Children, Husbands and Wives in 2006 and for supporting our Dojo and Making it a Success.

Special thanks and honor to our Lord Jesus for all his favor and blessings this year

Julie and I send a Special Thanks To everyone for the "Lifetime Gift Certificate to Craker Barrel"


Promotions Charles Snow 1st Kyu Brown Belt 

Doug Edwards 1st Kyu Brown Belt

Miranda Schild 2nd Kyu Brown Belt

Tommy Penny 3rd Kyu Brown Belt

Judah Gabbard 4th Kyu Blue Belt

Quade Schild 4th Kyu Blue Belt

Leslie Thomas 6th Kyu Yellow Belt

Joel Lowry 6th Kyu Yellow Belt

Chance Sudberry 7th Kyu Orange Belt

Isaac Cunningham 7th Kyu Orange Belt

Obadiah Jolley 7th Kyu Orange Belt

Ethan Sudberry Yellow Tip

Peyton Davis Yellow Tip

Jake Clark Yellow Tip.

2007 Here We Come!!!!!

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